Sunday, 22 March 2015

Maxi Dress to Jumpsuit

I had this idea a while ago to make a jumpsuit (or romper if you prefer) out of a maxi dress.  I had no idea if this would work, or even if I could pull off wearing one of these kooky items.  But one thing I love about refashioning unwanted clothes is that you can have a bit of fun with it, and if it doesn't pan out its no big deal.

After keeping an eye out for a suitable maxi dress for about the past month or so, I came across this.  It was an XL, so I figured it would give me enough fabric to create the 70's wide leg look I envisaged.

The first thing I did was cut out the majority of the lining, for no other reason than it was an unbearably hot polyester material.

I wanted the bodice to fit better, so I pinned each side like this and sewed new side seams.

Then I measured the width of the 'skirt' to find the centre point, and then cut up the middle like this.  After cutting, I sewed the new inner leg seam and this refashion was complete.  

This was actually a pretty straight forward project, however I'm not so sure I like the way this jumpsuit sits.  If I decide its not for me I'll just chop off the top of the 'jumpsuit' and create a really comfy pair of pyjama pants.

Sorry I'm a bit low on the number of after photos on this one, I wasn't really in the mood for photos that day.

Jumpsuit/Romper: $4 thrifted maxi dress, Belt: Thrifted - $2, Jewelery: personal collection


  1. Great idea! Love the way it turned out... !

  2. how do I know how fair to sew it up the middle

  3. Nina, I have measured my torso to the middle, or you can measure your inseam. I hope this will help.

  4. It's a fab idea but I think it would've benefited from the legs cut narrower so you could curve the seam at the crotch; perhaps take the shaping from another pair of trousers that fit comfortably as these don't look to have enough 'sitting room'. Definitely worth doing though! :)